Street Lighting Column

Street Lighting

The Parish Council maintain 208 street lighting columns within the Parish.

Approximately 20% of these columns are lit by LED lanterns and the Parish Council have agreed to exchange the bulbs that have gone out with new LED lanterns thereby reducing the carbon footprint of the Parish.

The Parish Council have lighting columns in the following roads, faults to lighting columns in this list should be reported to the Parish Clerk at clerk@chalfontstgiles-pc.gov.uk  or call 01753890517:

Albion Crescent,
Albion Road,
The Alley, footpath between High Street & Townfield Lane,
Aran Heights,
Ashwells Way,
Back Lane,
Barrington Park Gardens,
Bottrells Lane,
Bowstridge Estate,
Bowlers Orchard,
Bramble Mead,
The Brow,
Captain Cook Close,
Cherry Rise,
Cromwell Close,
Dodds Lane,
Ellwood Rise,
Fleetwood Close,
Grayburn Close,
High View,
Hillside Close,
Hodgemoor View,
Kings Close,
Kings Road,
The Lagger,
Lagger Close,
Lapraik Grove
Mill Lane,
Milton Fields,
Narcot Lane,
Narcot Road,
Narcot Way,
Nightingales Lane,
Orchard Road,
Palliser Road,
Parsonage Road,
School Lane,
Silsden Crescent,
Silver Hill,
Stylecroft Road,
Sycamore Close,
Sycamore Rise,
Sycamore Road,
Three Households,
Townfield Lane, j
Tripps Hill Close,
Turners Wood Drive
Upcorner Close,
Vache Lane,
Valentines Way,
White Hart Close.

If your road does not appear on this list then the lighting column is probably maintained by Buckinghamshire Council. Please report any faults on these lighting columns on www.fixmystreet.com