Information available from Chalfont St Giles Parish Council

As a public body the Parish Council aim to be transparent about the activities that it is involved in.

To this end we provide a publication scheme which shows how you can access information under seven criteria:

  • Who we are and what we do
  • What we spend and how we spend it
  • What our priorities are and how we are doing
  • How we make decisions
  • Our policies and procedures
  • Lists and Registers
  • The services we offer

Publication Scheme

The information is usually available on this web site, but if it historical then it may only be available in paper format. Please contact the clerk to request paper copies of that information.

If the information you require is not detailed in the publication scheme then you may submit a freedom of informaton request to the Parish Council. The council will deal with your request within 20 days.

For more information about the Freedom of Information Act 2000, visit the Information Commissioners Office web site.