Mobile Vehicle Activated Signs

MVAS - speed awareness

Mobile Vehicle Activated Signs

In 2014 the Parish Council purchased two Mobile Vehicle Activated Signs (MVAS). The signs are activated when cars approach them at a speed greater than the legal speed limit for the road.

Buckinghamshire Council who are the ‘Highways Authority’ for the area, allow the signs to be displayed at the following locations.

London Road N/Bound o/s Clinton

London Road S/Bound o/s Nova Scotia

Vache Lane o/s Little Copse

Pheasant Hill LC003

Bowstridge Lane adjacent to no. 15

Narcot Lane N/Bound opposite Narcot Road

Narcot Lane S/Bound jn Narcot Road

Deanway – near Miltons Cottage Field

Three Households verge next to BT cabinet

Jordans Lane S/bound opposite Bramble Cottage

Jordans Lane N/bound Opposite Old Jordans

The signs are regularly moved around the Parish in response to complaints about speeding.

If you have concerns about speeding in any of the above locations, please contact clerk@chalfontstgiles-pc.gov.uk.