The Dell

Parish Council Initiatives to Improve the environment.

The Parish Council have a duty to consider the environment in all of their activities.

Here are the projects and initiatives that are ongoing:

  • Planting wild flowers on some of the grass verges.
  • We planted 120 saplings during winter 2020.
  • We have plans for a ‘green gym’ to take place once lockdown is over. This will encourage volunteers to help to improve our outside areas for nature.
  • We have stopped cutting the meadow grass at the Dell in the recreation ground. This is the third year for this initiative and the wild flowers are returning along with the insects and butterflies.
  • We will survey all trees on Parish Council Land this year to establish what trees we have and where we can plant more.
  • We fully support the ‘Community Fridge’ project which reduces food waste and helps the community.
  • We are putting together management plans for the pond and Riverside Walk to improve them for flora and fauna.
  • When our street lights fail, are switching the lanterns  to LED’s thereby reducing our electricity consumption.
  • From April 2021 all of the electricity for our street lights will be from a renewable source.