Parish Council Grants

The Parish Council wishes to support activities and causes which benefit the Parish of Chalfont St Giles. A grant is any payment made by the Parish Council for the specific purpose for which it is claimed and for the well-being of the community, part of the community or individuals providing the Parish Council has a statutory power to support the activity.


Any grant made by the Parish Council must directly benefit residents of the parish of Chalfont St Giles.

The following criteria must be met for a bidding organisation to be considered for a grant:-

  1. Local Communities: to provide safe, active and healthy communities and provide accessible services;
  2. Local Environment: to manage the environment in a sustainable way
  3. Local Economy: to develop and promote the local economy

An organisation must be properly constituted and must operate on a not-for-profit basis.


Multiple applications within a 12 month period will not normally be considered;

  • The Parish Council reserves the right to reclaim any grant not being used for the purpose specified on the application form. The Parish Clerk will, therefore, be allowed to verify that the monies have been spent accordingly;
  • Grants cannot be awarded after the relevant project or event has been started;

Full conditions can be found on the application form.

Grant applications are heard at the Finance and General Purposes Committee and recommended to full council for approval.

Grants are considered at the meetings in:

  • June
  • September
  • December
  • March

Please use this application form to apply for a grant and submit to clerk@chalfontstgiles-pc.gov.uk

Chalfont St Giles Grant Application Form

Here is a list of grants awarded by the Parish Council during the last financial year.

Grants Awarded 2022-2023

Grants Awarded 2021-2022

If you require any further information about how to complete the forms please contact the Clerk on the email address above or call on 01753 890517

Buckinghamshire Council Grants

Grants are also available for community groups through the Denham, Gerrards Cross and Chalfonts Community Board.

Use this link to access the criteria and application form. Buckinghamshire Council, Denham, Gerrards Cross and Chalfonts Community Board Page