Precept 2023-2024

The precept for a band D property in Chalfont St Giles was set at £778.61 this represents an increase of £7.37 or 8.05% from 2022/2023.

For details about how the precept is calculated please see HOW THE COUNCIL TAX BASE IS CALCULATED -2023-2024

Once the precept is calculated, the Parish Council submit their precept reqirement to Buckinghamshire Council. The precept is paid to the Parish Council in two installments in April and October, See:

Annual precept letter 2023-2024

Annual precept letter 2022-2023

Annual Precept Letter 2021 2022


The exercise to set the budget begins in October, with each committee examining the money required to carry out their functions and any projects. These budgetary requests are then taken to the Finance Committee who put them together in a proposed budget. The budget for the following year is set in January when the amount required for the precept is notified to the Unitary Council.

Forward Budget Detail 2022 2023

Historical Budget Detail 2021 2022

Chairman’s Allowance

The Chairman of the Parish Council has an allowance of £100. This allowance is usually spent on the Poppy Wreath purchased on behalf of the Parish Council for Remembrance Sunday and any other expenditure at the discretion of the Chairman.

Chairmans Allowance 2021-2022

Chairmans Allowance 2020-2021

Action Plan for 2023-2024

The action plan of the Parish Council contains all of the activities that are planned for the year. The action plan is considered at the end of the calendar year when the budget is set and the precept defined.

Action Plan 2023-2024

Action Plan 2022-2023