Riverside Walk View Of The Pond

Temporary Possession Notice received by the Parish Council

The Parish Council have received the following information from Align, the contractors working for HS2.

‘… At the current time, we do not intend to take possession of the pond. We are very much aware of the amenity value, and importance to residents, of the area around the playground and River Misbourne and will do everything we can to ensure that residents are not inconvenienced. However, we need to ensure that we have access to these areas during the passage of the tunnel boring machines. This is standard practice for tunnelling activity in case we need to access the land for monitoring. As we have said, we are looking into how this possession might happen as we are committed to keeping any disruption to a minimum and maintaining amenity access for residents as much as we can.’

Please do not call the Parish Council Office for more information.

You may contact HS2 via the following methods: