Hs2 Possession

Temporary Possession Notice received by the Parish Council

Chalfont St Giles Parish Council have received a Notice of Temporary Possession from High Speed Two (HS2) for the area shown on the map below which includes the Village Pond, Pheasant Hill children’s play area and the Riverside Walk.

Since receiving the notice, the Council has been working with HS2, Align and The Valuations Office Agency to understand what the ‘possession’ will look like. To date, we have not yet received clear and detailed information about when the possession will take place, how long the land will be in their possession and whether the area will be fenced off to the public or whether there will still be some limited access.

The Council understand that this area is very important to you and will work with HS2 and Align to keep any disruption to the public to a minimum.

As soon as we have any detailed information about this possession notice, we will publicise on our web page www.chalfontstgiles-pc.gov.uk, in the village newsletter and on the Chalfont St Giles Information and Selling Page Facebook Group.

Please do not call the Parish Council Office for more information.

You may contact HS2 via the following methods: