Volunteers Restore the High Street War Memorial

In September 2020, two parishioners, Alan Arnold and Andy Holloway, approached the Parish Council seeking permission to refurbish the War Memorial on the High Street.

The Parish Council not only gave the project full support but agreed to fund the refurbishment and set aside a budget to ensure that the project was appropriately financed.

As many of you have already noticed, the refurbishment was completed on Sunday 14th March, and the memorial and the surrounding area cleaned and repaired. The War Memorial stands proudly again in the heart of our village, a dazzling, fitting tribute to the fallen of this parish.

The Parish Council would like to thank the following:

Alan and Andy, who have given so many hours of their time in bringing this project to life.

Dave Carden of W H Carden, for providing wood stain and preservative.

Phil Burdett of Dead Line Despatch, for taking and returning the plaques to the polishers in Birmingham.

Tim Blackmore of T & L Plant Ltd. for providing the pedestrian safety barriers.

British Legion for providing the planters, soil and flowers.

The Reading Rooms for providing electricity, water, and storage for our equipment.

George Beach, of M A Polishing Ltd, for the refurbishment of the plaque.

This is a wonderful example of the Parish Council listening their Parishioners and working together to improve the facilities of the village for the benefit of all.

War Memorial High Street
High Street War Memorial