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Neighbourhood Plan or Local PlanThu, 4th June 2020

Neighbourhood Plan or Local Plan

What is the difference between a Neighbourhood Plan and a Local Plan?


The Neighbourhood Plan is created by you for your Parish Area.

A neighbourhood plan is supposed to represent the plan the local community has for the area and as such must be approved by the local community via a referendum.
The Chalfont St Giles Neighbourhood Plan has been in the making since 2013. The contents of the plan were created in response to several consultations, questionnaires and public events to ascertain what the residents of Chalfont St Giles Parish would like to see happen to their Neighbourhood Area in the years running up to 2036. This information was collated into a plan and then examined by a Chartered Town Planner specialising in Neighbourhood Development Plans to ensure that the document was legal and adhering to planning legislation.
The final step in creating a Neighbourhood Plan is to have a referendum to see whether the residents of the Parish accept the plan proposed for the future development of their neighbourhood.  If the plan is accepted in the Referendum, the Parish Council will adopt the plan and it will be used to guide the planning authority responses to planning applications within the Parish.

The Neighbourhood Plan for Chalfont St Giles Parish is going to referendum on 13 June.

You have already played a part in creating this Neighbourhood Plan. It represents the views of the residents of the Parish.

In this referendum, you are not being asked to vote on the District Council’s “Local Plan” -see below

Please vote in this referendum to accept or reject your NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN


The Local Plan is created by planning experts adhering to Government Guidelines

A local plan is a statutory requirement of the local planning authority i.e. they have to have an up-to-date Local Plan – the Local Plan has to be evidenced based and this evidence and the contents of the plan have to be declared sound by a government appointed inspector. Whilst people have the chance to make comments on the plan it is the Government appointed inspector who decides if the plan can be adopted subject or not to any modifications.
Chiltern and South Bucks Council are the planning authority for Chalfont St Giles Parish. Their Local Plan will be going to consultation on 7 June for 6 weeks. You can comment on this plan and your comments will be taken into consideration by a government appointed inspector but you will not get to vote on whether this plan is accepted or not.

The Chiltern and South Bucks Local Plan has been now been approved by both councils (on 14 and 15 May 2019).

This plan is based on evidence and you as a member of the public do not get to vote on whether to accept this plan or not.