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Chalfont St Giles RemembersFri, 18th September 2020

Chalfont St Giles Remembers


Throughout 2018 Chalfont St Giles Parish Council have been co-ordinating events and activities to bring the community together in an act of Remembrance for those who gave so much for us during World War One.

Entering the village there are several ‘Chalfont St Giles Remembers’ signs. In addition the council have placed Silent Soldiers in four locations. The figures symbolise the representation of “Tommy” returning home silently at the end of the war but also remembers those that lost their lives and never made it back.

In April the Parish Council asked for volunteers to knit poppies for a living art installation.  The response was overwhelming from volunteers who have produced hundreds of beautiful poppies which are now creating a wonderful display around the village pond.  This display began in July and has gradually grown until the last poppy will be put in place by Royal Navy veteran, Chairman of the Parish Council, Gordon Patrick on Sunday 11 November. The poppies will remain until the end of the year when they will be removed from their location around the pond and distributed to the children attending village schools.

In September Hemel Hempstead Band played tunes from the era of WW1 on the village green. Residents were encouraged to ‘sit back and enjoy the music, whilst taking time to ponder on how different our lives would be, if it was not for the brave and courageous souls that fought to protect us.’

The Parish Church has a number of graves in the church cemetery that belong to servicemen who lost their lives during WW1.  These graves are marked with knitted poppies.  The Church has also created a display of poppies over the historic Lych Gate and in the entrance to the church.

In mid-October the businesses and traders of Chalfont St Giles placed Poppy Decals in their windows to create an unified display of remembrance throughout the village to mirror the spirit showed by those involved in the war and the efforts on the home front.

The Council’s lasting act of Remembrance will be to add commemorative plaques to the home addresses of the fallen soldiers.

The Parish Council would like to thank all of those who have given their time and enthusiasm to help to make these events and activities a success, including funding from Chiltern District Council and The Royal British Legion.

As the older poppies around the pond fade with sunlight and weathering they will represent how our memories of World War One have faded over the years. However Chalfont St Giles Remembers.


The poppies around the pond are part of an art installation created by Chalfont St Giles Parish Council.  The display will grow from May to November and will be complete on November 11 2018 to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day.

Each poppy on display has been hand knitted by a parishioner; Young and old have come together to help with this community project.  The yarn used has been specially selected to be environmentally friendly and is made of a blend of wool and alpaca.

Each poppy represents a life lost during the First World War.  As the weeks and months pass from May to November the number of poppies will grow to represent the increasing number of lives lost during the conflict.

As the older poppies fade with sunlight and weathering they will represent how our memories of World War One have faded over the years. However Chalfont St Giles Remembers.